Romance Mécanique

/// Romance Mécanique is a work in progress ///

Dancer: Elisabeth Bizoirre

This work is produced as part of a creative residency at Château Éphémère – Sound and Digital Factory – in France. The motion capture was done at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology in Montreal.

Romance Mécanique explores elements of interactions between a dancer, the software representation of her choreography acquired by motion capture, comprovisers musicians and an listening artefact also generating sound and visual.

The object of cohesion between the different actors of this interaction consists in the use of Temporal Semiotic Units which are interested in classifying the different temporal dynamics in music. In doing so, I am looking for tangible correlates between the choreography, the mapping strategies used by the artifact and the graphic score used by the musicians.

The work exploits a mixed mise-en-scène combining sound spatialization, multi-canvas video projection, as well as a mix of real-time and time-deferred performances.