Acousmatic – Stereo
12 minutes

Scratch! is a spatialized stereo acousmatic music. It is a journey along a pickslide captured, deconstructed and multiplied. An abrasive course, energetic and hopelessly vivacious. Acousmatic music with orchestral sensitivity, it is the evocation of the risk of the loss of control. but it is also the exploitation of brief moments of an infinite ecstatic wealth.

Composition note
The spine of Scratch! is a long pickslide that I have divided into several sections. Each one already had in itself a singular character that I was going to reveal later through the orchestration. This results in a succession of paintings that are linked by mutation one in the other. Scratch! puts the emphasis on noise. From the point of view of a “baroque” acousmatic writing, there is a superposition of heterogeneous sound objects, but I also wanted to restore the masses of noisy energies of amplified music.

First international premiere on January 26, 2013 in San Francisco (US), during the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, the work then traveled on several continents.