Alto & electronics & Video
15 minutes

Olivier Marin‘s “Undō” (運動) music, inspired by a Matsuo Bashō Haiku, is divided into three parts. For each of them, I associated a Kanji (Chinese characters used in the Japanese writing) which gives character to these parts; as well the tone as the grain, the texture that the work on the frames.

The three Kanji that I have calligraphed and used are:
Aki (秋, autumn)
Kaze (風, the wind)
Mimi (耳, the ear)

In Japanese, undō means “movement”. Thus, moving images are interested in creating a “synchrèse” (audiovisual relations) with musical rhythms. These interactions are at the macro level (formal) and at the micro one ( level of the note).

The video part of the work is partly improvised. Indeed, since the composition of Olivier Marin includes elements of instrumental and electroacoustic improvisation, I wanted it to be the same for the video.

In reality, it is about comprovisation. The materials are pre-composed and manipulated in real time to gain spontaneity, expressiveness and create a dialogue with the live performance of Olivier, thus making each performance unique.